Being and Time

Some International is a one-man project conceived in late 2007 by multi-instrumentalist Pablo Thonon stemming from the unpretentious need of writing his own songs, not for any commercial purposes, but rather, for the simple enjoyment of the author and his friends.

It was clear that something would be released someday, but there was no hurry then. As the time went by and dozens of captive tunes were filling up the hard disk, the main focus still was improving technique, working with other bands, or thinking about stupid things like how to make the world a better place. It has to be said that a couple of demos were burnt on CD-R in those years, but mainly for being listened to in the car, as there was no particular interest in selling or sharing music on the internet.

It seems the time has come for change and maybe because 2018 is the 10th anniversary since the creation of the first songs, it was about time to release an official album, something just for show… to be listened to “out there”. This year was an excellent excuse for publishing The Worstworks [2008-2018], an album comprised of ten tracks written and recorded during that period.

If you listen to The Worstworks, you don’t only find rock songs. For instance, “Shame of Spain”, “Heaven’s Gates”, and “At Any Given Time” are some of the early songs written on 2008 and one curious point is that these were already totally different from each other, covering styles ranging from eighties-like synthpop to dark electro and raw metal with a slightly odd time signature... Certainly, this project is quite eclectic.