Roland VP-330


Mint condition. 100% working.

The vocoder used in “Roads End Unkind”. I think is the vocoder used by Phil Collins on Face Value, and I would say it’s been used by Ozzy Osbourne, John Foxx and Mantronix too.

In the pre-chorus part of “Body Count” you may slightly note the human voice section (the solina-style sounds of this song were made with an ARP Omni 2).

I’ve recently recorded a song called “Lento e religioso” (Bertini, Op. 100 No. 5) using only the VP-330 with the strings and human voice sections. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for the release of this song…

Visit Vintage Synth Explorer for more info and some other famous bands who used it.

Click here to download the user manual. I’ve recorded several samples from this keyboard in a Logic Pro X session that you can download here.

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