Sony EL-7 + RM-30


One of the weirdest pieces of equipment from my collection. This is an “Elcaset” player from 1976. Mind condition. Remote controller RM-30 and three Elcasets included.

These kinds of cassettes are larger than standard ones, since the 1/4" tape inside is double the 1/8" width found in the compact cassette. The tape was divided into six tracks running at 3.75 in/s, twice the width and twice the speed of a traditional cassette, providing greater frequency response and dynamic range with lower high-frequency noise.

Unfortunately, they weren’t a t success because people prefered to carry the smaller format. Not to mention, the use of new materials such as chromium dioxide improved the performance of compact cassettes.

Anyway… it’s possibly the most successful failed format I have ever encountered.

Click here to download the user manual!

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