Beelzeb's 15th Anniversary

It was October 2003 when Spanish black metal band Beelzeb recorded their first album, Misanthrope’s Aurora. The band was founded and formed by Asath Lug Beelzeb (vocals, guitars, and bass) and Phaul Bokrug (drums and keyboards), the pseudonyms used by César Martín and Pablo Thonon, respectively.

During October-November 2005 the band recorded their acclaimed second album, An Emotional State in Black and an unreleased EP called Termination (that we hope to enjoy someday!), and a couple of years later, they would record a final demo before taking a very long break...

Asath (César) is the composer, lyricist, and the creator of the concept behind Beelzeb, in addition, he was asked to write the lyrics of “Roads End Unkind”, one of the most significate of Some International’s songs, also included in The Worstworks [2008-2018].

Here’s a video from the An Emotional State in Black recording sessions:

Pablo Thonon