Top Spanish producer Dani Alcover will work with Some International on the new album

Dani Alcover is the man who produced the legendary Devil Came to Me in 1997, the first bestseller album in the history of the Spanish indie scene with more than 600.000 copies sold across Europe. On 2003, he was the recording/mixing/mastering engineer of An Emotional State in Black, the second release of Spanish black metal band Beelzeb, with Pablo Thonon (under the pseudonym of Phaul Bokrug) performing drums and keyboards .

This summer, Dani Alcover will be heading up several projects with Some International: a mix of “The Hut”, the recording and mixing of an alternative version of “At Any Given Time”, and the mastering of the new album, The Worstworks [2008-2018].

Devil Came to Me.jpg
Pablo Thonon